Green Bank Star Quest


The Central Appalachian Astronomy Club and the Kanawha Valley Astronomical Society of West Virginia have teamed up to bring you the only combined OPTICAL and RADIO star party. We start out like the typical optical star party: camping, tents, lots of scopes, some exotic equipment, friendly amateur astronomers, porta-potties, lectures, vendors, and the whole gamut of gadgets attached to amateur scopes for imaging, guiding, and learning the night skies. Then we sweeten the deal. First off our campsite area has graveled roads.  There are hot showers nearby. The campground is located in the middle of the Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) site complex. It has a beautiful view of the world's largest steerable radio telescope, the GBT, and of the high mountain valley surrounding it. You can set your scope up right at you campsite for daytime and nighttime observing.  Hot meals for breakfast and supper are available in the on site cafeteria. A snack bar is open from lunchtime through early evening. Now that food and shelter are taken care of, you can sit down in a climate-controlled classroom for one of our topnotch daytime presentations or clinics, take a tour of the NRAO site, check out our large raffle drawing or do some shopping at our vendors' tables.  After supper each evening you can enjoy a keynote speaker's presentation. Then return to your site for some night sky viewing that might just knock your socks off.  But that's not all: You also have an opportunity to learn about radio astronomy. The NRAO people do some cutting-edge science  and are very willing to tell you about it. A limited number of you can sign up to run a 40' radio astronomy dish (so sign up early).  We have kids fun learning activities. Of course we can't guarantee clear skies but we will do our best to make your Green Bank Star Quest experience a memorable one. We wholeheartedly thank the NRAO for their assistance and use of their wonderful site.

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