Green Bank Star Quest

by Steven Ahrens

When you think of a star party, you typically think of campers, home-made scopes, tents, lens swapping, porta-potties, exotic equipment, lectures, vendors, and the whole gamut of gadgets attached to amateur scopes for imaging, guiding, and learning the night skies.† That was then, this is NOW!† Get ready to attend the sixth annual Green Bank Star Quest.† Your first question might be: Isnít Green Bank for radio telescopes?† The answer is yes, but now with much more!† The Central Appalachian Astronomy Club and the Kanawha Valley Astronomical Society of West Virginia have teamed up with the Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) to bring you the only combined OPTICAL and RADIO star party. There will be lectures, imaging clinics, NRAO tours, daytime and nighttime observing, camp sites, raffle tickets, a Star Lab observatory, movies, kidsí activities, cafeteria service, shower facilities, limited bunk house accommodations, astronomy vendors, instruction on and use of a 40' radio dish for a limited number of pre-registrants.

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