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WEDNESDAY: “Mars:  Past, Present, and Future”

Caitlin Ahrens,  University of Arkansas PhD student in Space Sciences Program


THURSDAY: "Where’s the AntiMatter?  The Race to Detect Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay"

Michelle Shinn,  Dept of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Nuclear Physics


FRIDAY: "Transits:  From Eclipses to Exoplanets"

Tim Hamilton, Professor at Shawnee State University in Ohio


SATURDAY: “Einstein’s Eclipse”

Maria Hamilton, Physics Professor at Marshall University 



Caitlin Ahrens: “Chillin’ Out in the Solar System”


Scott Blake Solar Alignments of the Adena Mound Complex in the Kanawha Valley, WV".


Bob Dutilly: “How A Spacecraft Mission is Developed”


Dave Holden: "Meteorites 101"


Mark Kochte: “The Great American Eclipse of 2017"


Brent Maynard: "Introduction of Astrophotography Using a DSLR and Telephoto Lens”

“Techniques for Imaging the 2017 Solar Eclipse”

“Processing Your Deep Sky Images

“Turn Your DSLR Into a Black and White Full Spectrum Camera – Extreme Modification”

“Open Discussion on DSLR Imaging (Modification, Exoplanet, Timelapse,  ect.)”

“Open Discussion on Image Processing Tools and Techniques"


Michael Rosolina: “Observing and Sketching Deep Sky Objects and Comets”

Bob Royce (1) “George Ritchey, an Optician’s View"

                    (2) "Optics in the Ancient and Medieval World”


John Taylor: “Eclipses”


Nate Tehrani: “Build Your Own Mini Space Rover”


Terry Trees: (1) “Accidental Daylight Observations"

                     (2) “Observing with the Astronomical League”


GBO Staff "Radio Astronomy related topic to be announced"

Annual MERAL Meeting of the Astronomical League 

Speaker's Bio's